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The "Just a Kid From" initiative was created to help motivate our youth in a positive manner, using our professions as a motivational tool.  As we are all entrenched in different professions,  but by uniting under one umbrella we can show them that we are all "successful" and did it coming from where they are at this very moment.  Using myself, "Just A Kid From The 863" showing other kids that live there now that we can all make it from the "863" we have all walked the same streets, hung-out at the same malls, and went to the same football games on Friday nights that they are going to now. 

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The "Just A Kid From" is looking for others that are "Just Kids From" small towns, big cities to show the youth that are from not just our area code, but all those that are just like "our" area codes.  We aspire to raise funds to give mini-grants, student stipends & scholarships for a few students that need and want the help to be able to pursue their dreams of becoming something more.

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Scholarship & Mini-Grant Requirements

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